Silos & Equipment

At CPI EuroMix, not only do we supply a complete range of dry mix products – mortars, renders, screeds and concrete – but we also offer the widest choice of silos and application equipment. Just what you would expect from the market leader!

We understand the demands of construction sites. We know how it is vital to get material directly to where it is needed in the most efficient way. That's why we always work with our customers to identify the ideal equipment configuration for each site.

And we don't stop there. We guarantee to provide the very best backup service and technical support to ensure trouble-free operation of all EuroMix site equipment.

Click on the links below to see the basic features and performance characteristics of our most popular equipment options. Further information is available from our Contact Page.


Product Range

EuroMix Silo Mixing Station

The Silo Mixing Station is the standard mixing system for use with EuroMix products. Material is discharged directly into a tub or skip at the push of a button. It offers a highly cost-effective solution for most building and construction projects with all the benefits of dry mortar technology. The mixer has an output of at least 50 litres per minute which means it will fill a standard mortar tub in just a few minutes.


EuroMix Remote Mixing Station

The Remote Mixing Station offers an alternative means of mixing and transporting EuroMix products. The dry material is conveyed by compressed air from the silo to a remote mixer which can be located at the worksiteup to 60 metres away.


EuroMix Remote Spray Station

The Remote Spray Station offers an alternative means of mixing and transporting EuroMix renders. The dry material is conveyed by compressed air from the silo to a spray render machine which can be located at the worksite up to 60 metres away.


EuroMix Floor Screed Station

The Floor Screed Station offers a highly efficient means of mixing, transporting and applying EuroMix floor screeds. The ability to convey and apply floor screed continuously and directly to the worksite can result in significant efficiencies in site operations. In particular, the elimination of craneage and truck-mounted pumps can lead to major cost savings.


EuroMix Bulk Top Up Station

The Bulk Top Up Station offers an alternative means of feeding mixers or spray machines. The system consists of a mother silo and two or more piccolo silos. Each piccolo silo is topped up by gravity feed from the mother silo, with no power source required.


EuroMix Mini Silo

A range of Mini Silos may be supplied to suit particular site requirements. Options include the Mini Silo, with capacity 6m3 (9 tonnes), and the Piccolo Silo with capacity 1m3 (1.5 tonnes).These mini silos offer all the benefits of the silo mixing station without the need for as much space as their bigger brothers. Ideal for restricted headroom and tight sites.


Mixing Equipment for Bagged Products

EuroMix bagged products can offer an ideal alternative to bulk silos, while still offering the benefits of a high quality premixed material.

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