EuroMix Renders & Plasters

There is one decorative render system that meets all the demands of today's buildings - CPI EuroMix renders, offering the tried and tested solution to your render and plaster needs.

EuroMix Renders are produced using a carefully selected blend of cements, sands, pigments and additives and are manufactured under BSI/NSAI approved ISO 9001 Quality Systems. Renders are premixed and only require the addition of water. Mix designs are optimised for excellent adhesion, resistance to cracking or fading and outstanding weather resistance and durability. Rendered walls are water vapour permeable allowing the structure to breathe.







Product Range

EuroMix General Purpose Render

One Coat RenderUse internally as bonding coat for internal skimming or as backing coat and finishing coat in external multi-coat work. Also available in One Coat formulation.

  • Suitable for spray application
  • Improves airtightness of masonry walls
  • Smooth or nap finish ready for painting.


EuroMix One Coat Render

General Purpose RenderA premium quality coloured decorative render, specially formulated for a variety of textured finishes.

  • Suitable for spray application


EuroMix Dry Dash Receiver

Dry Dash ReceiverAn ideal butter coat for dry dashing. Apply over suitably prepared base coat.

  • Suitable for spray application


EuroMix High Bond

High BondPolymer modified formulation for improved bond on low suction or friable backgrounds. Available with fibres if required.

  • Suitable for spray application

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