EuroMix Dry Mortar System

Proven Success

It's almost twenty years since the first EuroMix silo went on site and one thing hasn't changed: Good quality mortar is essential for good quality building – and you won't get better than EuroMix mortars.

Key Benefits

  • Mortar is mixed as it is needed… Consistent workability, no waste
  • Constant supply of mortar on site… No delays, no waiting time
  • No need for retarders… Normal setting and curing
  • Guaranteed mix proportions… No worries about batching accuracy
  • Better quality of mortar… Higher output and faster construction
  • Choice of silos or bags… Cost effective and convenient

Considering Site Mixing?

Here are 10 Good Reasons to Choose EuroMix…

  1. Guaranteed mix proportions so you don't have to worry about accuracy
  2. Constant supply on site so you can avoid weather related holdups and delivery delays
  3. No waste and a cleaner site
  4. Faster blocklaying all year round as no retarders are needed
  5. Quick response site support from our technical team
  6. Peace of mind as all products compliant to EN norms and produced in ISO 9001 environment
  7. Choice of different size silos and bags to suit your needs
  8. Help with mortar testing
  9. National coverage from one supplier
  10. Genuine value for money


Product Range


Since its development in Germany over 60 years ago, dry mortar in transportable silos has become the dominant means of supplying mortar in many countries. It has proved its reliability under the toughest site conditions throughout Europe. EuroMix is the market leader in silo mortar with a proven track record of delivering quality products backed up by first class service.


Render & Plasters

There is one decorative render system that meets all the demands of today’s buildings - CPI EuroMix renders, offering the tried and tested solution to your render and plaster needs.



The depth of experience in CPI means that we have developed products that will solve...


Concrete, Grouts & Repair

There's a lot more than mortar available in EuroMix silos, thanks to the versatility of the dry mortar system. Always responsive to customer needs, we have developed a portfolio of high performance concrete and grout products in a range of mix formulations to suit client specifications.


Hydraulic Lime Range

Lime mortars and renders have been used for hundreds of years, providing a versatile, reliable and aesthetically pleasing method of construction. Now, utilising the latest manufacturing technology, lime products are available as a practical and economical option for designers and specifiers.


Silos & Equipment

At CPI EuroMix, not only do we supply a complete range of dry mix products – mortars, renders, screeds and concrete – but we also offer the widest choice of silos and application equipment. Just what you would expect from the market leader!

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