EuroMix Bagged Products Range

The job starts here!

  • Building & Construction
    EuroMix bagged products offer all the benefits of the EuroMix silo system with the convenience of premixed bags.
  • DIY & Home Improvement
    Fixing posts... Laying blocks... Laying paths... Repairing cracks... It's quick and easy with handy EuroMix bagged products.

Key Benefits

  • Ready to use... Just add water!
  • Factory blended mixes for excellent results every time
  • Handy 25kg & 10kg bag sizes for convenience and less waste
  • Environmentally friendly – All cementitious mixes use a blend of eco friendly cements for a lower carbon footprint.

Product Range


Brick Laying Mortar


Bricklaying Mortar Plain & Coloured

Use for bricklaying, blocklaying, pointing and sand & cement repairs.

  • Excellent workability and cohesion
Sand & Cement


Multi Purpose Sand & Cement

Use for general repairs, patching and floor screeding. Add gravel to make concrete.

  • 3:1 mix for extra strength
General Purpose Concrete


General Purpose Concrete

Use for paths, floors, steps, patios, shed bases. Min. thickness 50mm.

  • Strength 25 N/mm² after 28 days
High Performance Concrete


High Performance Concrete Fast Setting, High Strength

Professional grade structural concrete for new construction, patching and repairs. Min. thickness 50mm.

  • Strength 25 N/ mm² after 1 day, 35 N/ mm² after 28 days
Veneer Stone Mortar


Veneer Stone Mortar

Use internally or externally for fixing decorative stone cladding, brick slips and natural stone to suitably prepared backgrounds.

  • Improved adhesion for superior bond strength


General Purpose Render


EuroMix General Purpose Render

Use internally as bonding coat for internal skimming or as backing coat and finishing coat in external multi-coat work. Also available in One Coat formulation.

  • Suitable for spray application
  • Improves airtightness of masonry walls
  • Smooth or nap finish ready for painting.
One Coat Render


EuroMix One Coat Render

A premium quality coloured decorative render, specially formulated for a variety of textured finishes.

  • Suitable for spray application
Dry Dash Receiver


EuroMix Dry Dash Receiver

An ideal butter coat for dry dashing. Apply over suitably prepared base coat.

  • Suitable for spray application
High Bond


EuroMix High Bond

Polymer modified formulation for improved bond on low suction or friable backgrounds. Available with fibres if required.

  • Suitable for spray application


Ridge Tile Mortar

Ridge Tile Mortar

Use in roof construction and repair as bedding mortar for tiles & slates.

  • Excellent adhesion and durability
Kiln Dried Sand


Kiln Dried Sand

Many handy uses in home and garden.


Post Mix

Post Mix Fast Setting Concrete

Use for fence posts, clothes lines, swing sets, garden lights and all projects where fast setting is needed.

  • Needs no mixing... Pour straight from bag
  • No mess or waste
Post Mix Pro

Post Mix Pro Ultra Fast Setting Concrete

Professional grade post fixing concrete.

  • Needs no mixing... Pour straight from bag
  • No mess or waste
Patio Base Mortar

Patio Base Mortar

Use for laying paving slabs, pavers, flagstones.

  • Ready to use bedding mix
  • Supports slabs to prevent rocking and cracking
Patio Jointing Sand

Patio Jointing Sand

Use to brush into joints in block pavers, slabs and flagstones.

  • Improves appearance of paving
  • Helps reduce weed growth
  • Keeps paving units in place