Concrete, Grouts & Repair

There's a lot more than mortar available in EuroMix silos, thanks to the versatility of the dry mortar system. Always responsive to customer needs, we have developed a portfolio of high performance concrete and grout products in a range of mix formulations to suit client specifications.

EuroMix concretes, grouts and repair products can provide practical and highly cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of civil engineering and construction projects.

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Key Benefits

  • Factory blended for guaranteed mix proportions
  • No waste, no delays and fewer deliveries to site
  • 24/7 availability, all year round

Silo or bag – it's your choice!

EuroMix Silo Mixing StationEuroMix Silo Mixing Station

The EuroMix silo system is the ideal solution for most jobs, offering the highest levels of quality and efficiency with minimal wastage, easy clean mixers and tanker refills.

Sprayed ConcreteHandy 25kg bags

For smaller projects EuroMix bagged products can offer a convenient alternative. Our factory blended mixes ensure excellent results every time and all products are ready to use – just add water!


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Product Range

EuroMix Fine Concrete

The smart solution for concrete at the touch of a button, suitable for structural concrete up to 60 N/mm². Avoids any delays waiting for readymix concrete deliveries.

Download Product Datasheet

EuroMix Sprayed Concrete

Formulated for optimum workability, low rebound and crack resistance. Suitable for wet process projection in a variety of applications including structural concrete; embankment & excavation support; tunnelling; surface improvement & repair and insulated concrete formwork applications.

Download Product Datasheet, Application Guide

EuroMix Piling Grout

This micro concrete mix is an innovative solution designed to ensure maximum productivity. Using the EuroMix silo system ensures that piling grout is supplied on demand.

Download Product Datasheet, Case Study

EuroMix Flowing Grout (PA Grout)

Suitable for foundations and structural infill applications. Ideal for sites with restricted access or where space is limited. Also suitable where small volumes of material are required.

Download Product Datasheet, Case Study

EuroMix Soil Nailing Grout

A preblended material designed for the application of soil nailing used for ground support and anchoring purposes. EuroMix Soil Nailing Grout can be applied by stator/piston type pumps or can be poured directly if required. Its non-shrink properties ensure greater pullout values.

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EuroMix Fast Set Mortar

EuroMix FastSet Repair Mortar is suitable for fast setting repairs, patching and bedding for concrete or masonry applications.

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